I am the doctor

There has been a gap in my recent blog activities due to numerable personal situations; both positive and negative. Whilst I deal with unfortunately sad blows due to the ill health of family members and the usual trials of argument with family and friends, I have also been enjoying myself thoroughly with trips to tremendous performances of Rocky Horror (a very attractive male friend of mine did himself proud in fishnets and red patent heels) picnics in the park, several book group meetings, trips to Aberystwyth with Mr Xero the wonderful fiancé for our 4 year anniversary and a family wedding. All in all what with my hectic personal life and my intensely boring work life I have the need to leave RL and spend any of my free time in imaginary lands created on the page or screen. So this month although this is a bit of a cop-out as it doesn’t involve me writing very much, I have decided to give you a list of a few obsessions I am currently addicted to;

  1. ALICE- Syfy channel’s 2009 re-imagining of the classic wonderland story with a little looking glass thrown in and the adorable Andrew Lee Potts for good measure. You can watch the whole 2 part drama on the wonder that is youtube if you click here.
  2. PEGGLE – Popcap’s crack like PC game which basically lets you win each round spectacularly with no loss of life and includes unicorns and rainbows. I prefer the PS3 version but as its original release was the PC you can download a free demo copy if you click here.
  3. CASTLE- American channel ABCs 2009 new drama, the premise I have to say is a lot like Bones e.g. a sexy man works with a snarky yet attractive women involving the police and crime fighting but there is more sexual tension and it is a lot nerdier. I got through both seasons in a week and now have to anxiously wait until September until the new season. Did I mention Nathan Fillion?! Go here now!
  4. KATE MORTON – an Australian author who has only written 2 novels to far but both books are sensational; she can create a tangibly real world that you can disappear in. Check out her website here.
  5. JANE AUSTEN – it’s always nice to sink into the comforting world of an old friend. I have to admit that I do prefer the actual text to watching screen adaptations but sometimes I want Austen and I want it now so I hop online to watch which ever version I have a hankering for. Many different versions of Austens stories are available on youtube if you search for them. I have my 2 favourite (of the most recent ITV adaptations) available if you click here and here.

    I also recommend that you give the BBC proms Dr Who special a listen one Sunday afternoon. It is truly epic and although the music is always sensational during each series, specifically speaking the newer series, it makes you appreciate the scores and tunes in a way I personally hadn’t. Without the images on the screen the music still caused an emotional response within me and if I am honest, it was very pleasant to listen to classical music that is not necessarily considered ”classical”…I do have a penchant for listening to video game soundtracks for the same reason.

After dispensing all this wisdom I am off to read about Victorian fairytale writers and watch ex space cowboys flirt over decomposing corpses. Good times.


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